EDP convention in Florence: Sandro Gozi designated in the "Renew Europe Now" team

12 marzo 2024 da
ALDE Party, Mircea Serdin

The Assembly of Delegates of the European Democratic Party underway at the Leopolda in Florence has designated Secretary General Sandro Gozi as Pde's representative in "Team Europe," the three-member team that will lead the European campaign of "Renew Europe Now" in the upcoming elections. 

Team Europe will be presented next March 20 in Brussels at an event organized together with the liberals of Alde and the French of Renaissance.

"I am proud to represent European Democrats within Renew's Team Europe in the upcoming elections. I thank President François Bayrou and all Pde members for their trust. Together we will fight for a more united and democratic Europe," said Pde Secretary General and Renew Europe MEP Sandro Gozi.

Info:Alessio De Giorgi, Comm Officer PDE,  a.degiorgi@democrats.eu

Francesco Sciotto, press office Sandro Gozi