Dainius Žalimas 

Short bio

Born on May 22, 1973
From Vilnius, Lithuania
Studied International Law and Social Science at University of Vilnius

Fun fact

In 1991, at the age of seventeen, he became a rifleman and participated in the defense of the restored independence of Lithuania.

He has spent many years at Zalgiris Stadium, south IV fan tribune. Football was his teenage passion and a form of protest against the occupation.

"I am convinced that my aspirations to see Putin and Lukashenko in prison in The Hague, as well as Ukraine and Moldova becoming part of the EU, can only be realised if political forces such as the Freedom Party form as large a part of the European Parliament as possible"

The road so far..

Lead Candidate for the European Parliament


Substitute Member of European Commission “Democracy through Law” (Venice Commission)   


Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania


Member of the Constitutional Court of Lithuania 


Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration  


Chairman of National Commission on Implementation of International Humanitarian Law under the Ministry of National Defence  


Member of Vilnius City Municipality Council


Legal advisor to the Ministry of National Defence


Member of the Homeland Union  

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