Emma Bonino

Short bio

Born on 9 March 1948
From Bra, Italy 
Studied literature at Bocconi University

Fun fact

She is godmother to Countess Emma Luana of Orange-Nassau, who is a Member of the Dutch Royal family.

Bonino first became involved in politics in 1975 when, after co-founding Italy’s Centre for Information on Sterilisation and Abortion, she turned herself into authorities for the crime of procured abortion, which became a legal right in 1978.

"Europe is a dream of a few, it will become a need of many and eventually a necessity of all. This is the beginning of our rapid march towards a United States of Europe: without a more united Europe we are dead.”

The road so far..

Lead Candidate for the European Parliament


 Minister of Foreign Affairs


  Member of the Italian Senate of the Republic


Minister of European Affairs and International Trade  

1979, 1999

  Member of the European Parliament


European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection

1976, 1979, 

Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies

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