Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann is formally nominated to be the ALDE Party lead candidate

11 March 2024 by
ALDE Party, Mircea Serdin

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann has been nominated by the German Free Democratic Party (FDP) to become the ALDE Party lead candidate for the upcoming European Election 2024. The nomination comes as a positive response to the ALDE Party request to our member party FDP and it is backed up by our Co-Presidents, their respective political parties, and other ten political parties within the family.  

The ALDE Party believes that Marie-Agnes has a strong and suitable profile that is needed to convey our liberal message in the European campaign for Europe to regain a competitive edge, for our citizens to regain trust in European institutions and to make Europe a safe place for its citizens.  

Marie-Agnes comes with a solid background in defence and security based on experience, which reinforces our liberal commitment to the safety of our continent and to support Ukraine at any cost. Also, as former mayor of her hometown of Düsseldorf, Marie-Agnes has demonstrated practical knowledge on issues directly affecting our citizens, such as infrastructure, transportation and support innovation for local SMEs. Finally, our political family has a clear track record of supporting women rights, which is aligned with Marie-Agnes’ long advocacy career on this topic.  

A formal voting procedure will take place on 20 March at the ALDE Party congress. Our lead candidate will be presented to the press at the campaign kick-off of the Renew Europe Platform on the evening of the same day. 

Press wishing to attend the kick-off must register by clicking on this link. Journalists and crews must also carry a valid form of identification at all times while onsite. 

ALDE Party Campaign Press - Luis Cano