Renew Europe Now Campaign Kick-off Highlights

21 March 2024 by
ALDE Party, Mircea Serdin

The Renew Europe Now Campaign was launched in Brussels, with over 800 people in attendance, uniting liberal, centrist, and democratic forces ahead of the June 6-9 European elections.  

Renew Europe Now, the common campaign platform of ALDE Party, Renaissance and the European Democratic Party (EDP) brought together Prime Ministers, Ministers, European Commissioners, MEPs and candidates from all EU member countries.  

As a show of unity, the political leadership from the member parties represented in the platform shared a commitment to unity. This was expressed in a common intervention, made by the Co-Presidents of ALDE Party Ilhan Kyuchyuk & Timmy Dooley, the President of the Renew Europe Group at the European Parliament / lead Candidate for Besoin d’Europe, Valérie Hayer, and the Executive Vice President of the EDP, Andoni Ortuzar. 

The leaders emphasised the need to unite forces for a more secure, competitive and democratic Europe. They presented the vision of the platform expressed on theRenew Europe Now Priorities, which focus on: European defence and security, the green and sustainable transition, and the fight against autocracy and extremism.  To access the full text of the priorities please visit the Renew Europe Now website 

Attendees  viewed messages from Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas. Prime Minister Kallas, who has been a vocal advocate for  enhancing common  European defence , focused her intervention on the need  to keep Europe safe:

“Freedom is not for free. We all pay for it. And we need to explain the cost of it to our voters. We mustn’t be afraid – in fact, it is fear itself that we must fear the most. Like my father has always told me, only freedom will give certainty, will conquer fear and will guarantee a fair economy.”

Five European Commissioners took the stage to celebrate their achievements in the last five years. In a candid interaction, the Commissioners shared their views on how the digital agenda, the rule of law conditionality mechanism and the steps to accelerate the green deal, should be celebrated as common liberal, centrist and democratic achievements. To close the celebratory segment, achievement awards were presented to Commissioners Margrethe Vestager - Executive Vice President for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age, Věra Jourová -Vice President - Values and Transparency, Thierry Breton - Commissioner for Internal Market of the European Union, Didier Reynders - Commissioner for Justice, and Kadri Simson - Commissioner for Energy.

To close the event, Renew Europe’s top team for the elections were introduced and validated by the members of all political parties represented in the platform. Marie-Agnes Strack Zimmermann, Chair of the German Bundestag’s Defence Committee, and now ALDE Party’s lead candidate for the European elections, emphasised the need to embrace the concept of European unity.

“Our platform will campaign for a Europe of prosperity, security and freedom. We are bound together by the principles of liberal democracy, with the goal of building a united and prosperous continent. The European Union must become more independent and resilient. We need to stand up against the autocrats of the world – outside and inside the European Union.  The best way to counter the predicted electoral success of the populists is a new vision of Europe - of a Europe that makes things easier for its citizens; that opens opportunities for education and chances for advancement; that offers its citizens more freedom and prosperity.’’ 

The second member of Renew Europe’s top team is the President of the Renew Europe group in the European Parliament and lead candidate for Besoin d’Europe, Valérie Hayer MEP complimented the speeches of the team by sharing a call to action against those forces threatening amore united Europe.

“The artisans of European disunity are on the rise. They are Putin’s friends. Those who have cold feet about helping Ukraine have to be confronted. Pinpoint their inconsistencies. Debunk their lies. Show the reality of their networks. If the liberals, centrists and democrats don’t fight against them, they will get stronger. It’s our duty to fight against those who attack our liberal values! We should not have red lines when it comes to defending our democracies!”

To close, Secretary General of EDP Sandro Gozi MEP focused on the need to give more power to our citizens and reform  the framework under which the Union operates. 

“The challenge of European democracy is efficacy and that’s why we need treaty change. We must get rid of the vetoes that paralyse the Union so that we can make decisions faster. We must strengthen the European Parliament to move forward in a more democratic way. We must give the voters the power to elect the President of the EU to decide who does what. And citizens must vote directly for European political parties to strengthen the legitimacy and accountability of European politics.”

The Renew Europe Now lead candidates represent the core priorities of Renew Europe Now platform, with their diverse backgrounds and experience.

 You can rewatch the Renew Europe Now Campaign kick-off event via this link and use the photos from the event, check out the ALDE Party Flickr channel.  

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